Your Florida Business Name

In order to determine whether you’re able to use your Florida Business Name, you’ll first need to see if the business name is already in use in the state. Click and Inc can do a name search for you to determine whether it’s in use. But, not all entity types provide exclusive use in the state. In order to determine if you or somebody else has exclusive rights to the name, you’ll need to know what entity type you’re dealing with.

Nonexclusive Use of Florida Business Name

There are two types of Florida Fictitious Names. Neither of the following entity types provides exclusive use of the business name:

If you see that there is an active registration for one of the above business types, you know that the state will allow you to file using that same name. However, note that you are personally responsible for seeking out any other legal issues that may otherwise restrict your use of the business name—a trademark, for instance.

Exclusive Use of Florida Business Name

If you are forming an incorporated entity, you will not be allowed to file using the same business name as another incorporated entity in Florida—but once you secure your own unique business name, no one else will be allowed to incorporate in Florida using that business name. The following are the incorporated entities whose business names are protected and exclusive:

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