Your Florida Fictitious Name

In order to form a Fictitious Name, you will register with the Department of State of the Florida Secretary of State’s Office. Your Florida Fictitious Name will be registered for your use statewide; however, the state does not provide any exclusivity to your use of that Fictitious Name.

There are three types of Fictitious Names in Florida:

  • Sole Proprietorship
    A sole proprietorship is a type of Fictitious Name in Florida that consists of only one person. This business is directly tied to that person; there is no corporate veil.
  • General Partnership
    A general partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship, but—obviously—with two or more individuals involved. This business is still directly tied to the individuals involved, and those individuals are personally liable for the business. This is a more casually structured type of partnership than the limited partnership, which is usually incorporated with the state.
  • Fictitious Name for Corporate Entity
    A Florida corporation or LLC can also decide to conduct business under a name other than the legal corporate name.

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