Filing a Florida DBA

Regardless of your entity type (sole proprietorship, unincorporated partnership, LLC, corporation—anything), when you file your DBA—short for "doing business as"—you’ll do so at the state level. Florida does not have individual county filings for DBA filings. A DBA may also be known as a fictitious name, fictitious business name, or FBN; an assumed name or assumed business name; or a trade name.

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How to File a DBA

Your Florida Fictitious Name is subject to name availability. To determine whether your name is available, have Click and Inc perform a DBA name search.

The information below is required:

  • Your Fictitious Name
  • Purpose
  • Location—this must be a physical address.
  • Owner—this will be an individual, partners, or a business entity.
  • Signature—this will be the owner, if an individual, or a representative of the business, if an incorporated entity. can set up your Florida DBA quickly, easily, and affordably—just give us the information we require to properly draft your forms, and all you have to do is sign!

Additional Information about a Florida DBA

In Florida, it is required that you publish notice of your DBA filing in a newspaper of general circulation. When you file your DBA with Click Industries, you’ll be given the option to publish notice of your filing yourself—or, you could have us take care of the publication for you.

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