Florida Foreign Corporation

If you’ve registered your corporation in a state other than Florida but you’d like to expand into Florida with your business, you probably need to file as a foreign corporation. To do so, you’ll need to fill out an application and pay a filing fee. This will be submitted to the Division of Corporations of the Florida Secretary of State.

Steps to Form a Florida Foreign Corporation

Instead of Articles of Incorporation, a foreign corporation in Florida will submit a document called the Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida. This document will contain much the same information as the Articles.

  • Corporation: You must use your business’s legal name in Florida. Only if it is not available will you choose another name for doing business in the state. ClickAndInc.com can do a business name search to determine availability.
  • Incorporation information: You must provide filing information about your business’s registration in your domestic state, including the state, filing date, duration, and FEIN of your corporation.
  • Date: Provide the date on which you first began to transact business in Florida, if applicable. Depending on this date, there may be fines for not registering sooner.
  • Addresses: Provide the principal office address and the current mailing address for your business.
  • Agent: You are required to have a Florida registered agent with a physical address in the state. This can be either a person or a business entity.
  • Directors: Names and addresses will be provided.
  • Officers: Names and addresses will be provided.
  • Signatures: The Registered Agent, a Director or Officer, and a person authorized to execute the document must all sign the Application.

Along with your Application, a Certificate of Good Standing / Existence must be provided.

Any registered entity, domestic or foreign, must submit an Annual Report. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

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