LLC Operating Agreements in One Hour for $99.00

The LLC operating agreement is the limited liability company equivalent of a partnership agreement or corporate bylaws—it is the ultimate reference point for determining governance and financial matters of the LLC. Also known as an operating and member control agreement, or member agreement, the operating agreement provides the procedure for almost any thinkable contingency, making it one of the most valuable documents in your limited liability company's possession. And best of all, it's not required to be filed with any government body, so it's completely free to adopt.

The LLC operating agreement we draft for you governs things like:

  • The rights, duties, and obligations of the members and managers (LLC equivalent of officers);
  • How disputes among members will be handled;
  • Rules for admitting new members;
  • Rules for how members can transfer their ownership interest;
  • How profits and losses will be allocated among the members;
  • Who will manage the LLC;
  • What percentage of the owners it takes to call for a membership meeting;
  • When members will be required to make contributions to the LLC;
  • General matters concerning dissolution of the LLC; and
  • The maximum amount of money the president can spend without approval from the other members.

The process is simple. We ask you questions about your LLC designed to gain all of the necessary information, and from your answers we will draft a customized operating agreement for you. You can also add more specific sections that may deal with even more particulars of your business.

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