Certificate of Good Standing for Just $145.00

A certificate of good standing is a state-issued document declaring that your corporation or limited liability company complies with all state regulations and is qualified to do business in your home state.

Who needs a certificate of good standing?

When your company is ready to expand its reach and begin doing business in a new state, that state will typically require a certificate of good standing from your domestic, or current, state. The certificate of good standing confirms that your business is current, does not have any financial obligations to your domestic state, and is authorized to transact business.

The certificate of good standing may also be called a Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Authorization. It is a necessary document in a foreign corporation, or foreign qualification, filing with a new state. Click and Inc offers a certificate of good standing on its own, or with any foreign corporation filing.

How will I receive my certificate of good standing?

Each state has its own procedure for issuing certificates of good standing. Your state's policy might be to send the document out through regular mail; another state might make the document available immediately in PDF form. Whatever the procedure, Click and Inc makes sure to obtain your certificate as quickly as possible, and we'll send you an electronic copy as soon as we receive it. And if there's a paper copy, we'll send that out to you as well.

If you need a certificate of good standing but are not yet ready for your foreign corporation filing, Click and Inc can obtain your corporation or LLC's certificate—in any state for just $145.00.

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