Florida LLC Formation

In order to form a Florida LLC, or limited liability company, you’ll need to submit your formation documents, either on paper or via sunbiz.org, to the Division of Corporations section of the Florida Department of State in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Steps to Forming a Florida Limited Liability Company

The formation document for an LLC is called Articles of Organization. It is used to record information about your business, and upon filing it becomes a public document.

Your Florida Articles of Organization must include, at minimum:

  • Name: You should choose a name that is not already in use; we can perform a business name search for you to determine availability. Your name must have the appropriate ending for your entity type: "LLC," for instance.
  • Principal Address: Provide your business’s street address and mailing address, if different. The street address cannot be a PO box.
  • Registered Agent: This must be a person or registered entity that is located in Florida and has a physical Florida address.
  • Managers/Members: Provide the names and address of your Managers or your Managing Members, as well as their titles.
  • Effective Date: Unless otherwise specified, your LLC will be filed upon receipt of the Articles. If you wish, you may specify a different filing date.
  • Execution: The Organizer should sign the Articles. This person does not have to be a member of the LLC.

Additional Responsibilities of a Florida LLC

If you make any changes to the above information, you must alert the state by amending your Articles. Click and Inc can file your Article Amendment for you.

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