Which business type is right for your Florida startup?

Before filing your Florida startup, learn about the different types of business entities available to you

There are so many types of businesses to choose from, how can you tell which is best for you and your new business? Click and Inc has gathered information on a variety of entity types to help you decide what type of Florida business to form.

C Corporation in Florida

A C Corporation is formed by filing Florida Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. Your Articles will become public record upon filing. By default, your corporation will be classified as a “C” corporation upon filing.

A C corporation may own or be owned by another business. It can issue multiple classes of shares to an unlimited amount of shareholders. The corporation’s income will be taxed as a separate entity from the individual owners.

Learn more about becoming a Florida C Corporation.

S Corporation in Florida

If you wish to form an S Corporation, you’ll file your Articles of Incorporation in the same way as above, only you will then submit a document requesting “S” status from the IRS.

An S Corp cannot have more than 100 shareholders, all of whom must be US citizens. You may only issue one class of stock. An S corporation is a pass-through entity, enabling owners to claim gains and losses on their individual tax returns.

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LLC in Florida

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company is also a pass-through entity, meaning that individuals can report gains and losses on their individual tax returns and avoid the double-taxation of a C Corporation. They can have any amount of members.

Learn more about becoming a Florida LLC.

Foreign Corporation in Florida

Any already existing non-Florida corporation that wishes to register in Florida may do so as a Foreign Corporation, provided that they are in good standing and active status with their domestic state.

Learn more about becoming a Florida Foreign Corporation.

DBA in Florida

"DBA" stands for Doing Business As. A DBA may also be known as a trade name, assumed name, or fictitious business name. Regardless of the type of DBA, you will file at the state level—there are no county-level DBA filings in Florida. DBAs in Florida are called Fictitious Names, and you can file one whether you are an individual, partnership, corporation, or LLC.

Learn more about becoming a Florida DBA.

Nonprofit Corporation in Florida

If you wish to form a business for scientific, religious, charitable, educational, or literary purposes, and you do not wish to form your business for personal profit, you might consider a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation. In addition to certain tax benefits, a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation enjoys discounts on postage and other services.

Learn more about forming a Florida 501c3.

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