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Everything You Need for Incorporating in Texas

There are many Texas specific things to be aware of when you plan to incorporate in Texas. Everything from naming your business to filing your articles of corporation to deciding whether or not to elect to become an S-Corporation must be taken into consideration before incorporating in Texas. There are six parts of this section that overall will give you a great overview of what it takes to incorporate in Texas.

The basic steps for forming a corporation in Texas are covered on this page. Texas Corporation Forms: This page covers the forms you will need to incorporate in Texas.

Texas Articles of Incorporation: Step by step instructions for filling out the Texas Articles of Incorporation

Texas S-Corporation: This section discusses the forms and procedures for electing to become an S-Corporation in the state of Texas.

Texas Incorporation Fee: What fees are associated with filing the Texas Articles of Incorporation? Are there fees for expediting the process? This section covers all fees associated with the incorporation process in Texas.

Texas Corporate Name Search: Texas has strict guidelines for naming your corporation. Make sure you are following them by reading this section.

This site will give you a thorough overview of the process of incorporating your business in Texas. can help you incorporate in Texas, contact us for more information.

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