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Texas S-Corporation

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How to form a Texas S-Corporation

If you have chosen to form a Texas S-Corporation, there are special circumstances to be aware of.  Formation of Corporations in Texas falls under the jurisdiction of the Texas Secretary of State.  You can visit the website to download Texas Form 201 Certificate of Formation or you can utilize our services for incorporating your business in Texas.

The main reason to choose to form a Texas S-Corporation is for federal income tax purposes. Once you file your Texas articles of incorporation and receive approval from the Secretary of State’s office, you are ready to declare your S-Corporation election.  In some states this will require filling out another state issued form. In Texas, S-Corporation election does not require an additional form.

S-Corporation election is done at the federal level. IRS form 2553 designates your desire to be an S-Corporation. You have seventy-five days from your date of incorporation to file with the IRS. You will not be granted S-Corporation status for the year in which you incorporated if you do not file within the first seventy-five days after the incorporation of your business.

Remember, Texas does not require businesses seeking S-Corporation classification to file a form. However, in order to file the federal form, you will need to obtain your Texas tax ID number and other state required documentation.

Examples of the type of other state required documentation you may need when filing your federal S-Corporation election is a sales tax permit. Your business will require a sales tax permit if your business sells taxable goods or services in the state of Texas or your business purchases goods or taxable services from vendors without sales tax permits.

In order to make sure you follow all the steps and guidelines required both by the State of Texas and by the Federal Government when electing to become an S-Corporation you should consult with your accountant and/or attorney. Clickandinc.com can help you incorporate in Texas, contact us for more information.

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