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Florida Articles of Incorporation

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Filling out the Florida Articles of Incorporation


In order to form a Florida corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation with the Division of Corporations, along with the Florida incorporation fee.  Florida’s Articles of Incorporation are fairly straightforward and made up of at least seven separate articles.  The Florida Division of Corporations and its Articles of Incorporations are governed by Florida Statute Chapter 607, which sets forth the requirements of for-profit corporations in the state of Florida.

Article 1: Name  In this first section of the Articles of Incorporation you will set forth the Florida corporation name you’ve chosen.  Remember that under Florida State law your corporation’s name cannot be too similar to any existing active corporation’s name; Click&Inc can help you determine Florida corporate name availability.  Article 1 will also specify which corporate suffix you will employ.  In Florida, all corporations must use one of the following: Corporation, Corp., Incorporation, Inc., Company or Co.  Additionally, if the Florida corporation you are forming is a Professional Association, your name must contain either Chartered, Professional Association, or P.A.

Article 2:  Principle Business/Mailing Address  This is the actual address at which your business takes place.  It should be a street address, and it must be in Florida.  The mailing address is permitted to be a P.O. Box.

Article 3: Purpose  In this section you will state the intended purpose and nature of your company.  Basically, this section calls for you to declare that you are a for-profit corporation running a legal business that abides by all Florida State Laws and Regulations.

Article 4: Shares  In order to file your Florida Articles of Incorporation, you will need to state the number of shares in your corporation that will be available.

Article 5: Directors/Officers  This section is a listing of the names and addresses of all Directors and Officers of your corporation.

Article 6: Registered Agent and Registered Office  The Registered Agent must be a resident of Florida.  The Florida Registered Agent's office must be a physical address in Florida where legal process can be served during normal business house.  P.O. Boxes are not acceptable for this section.

Article 7: Incorporator  Whomever fills out and files your Florida Articles of Incorporation is the Incorporator.  This person must sign their name to the forms where indicated.

The State of Florida’s Division of Corporations provides space at the end of the Articles of Incorporation for you to fill in any necessary additional information.

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