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Florida Corporate Naming Rules

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Florida Corporate Name Searches from ClickandInc.com

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding corporate names, and you should be aware of the specific rules in the state in which you plan to incorporate.  Plan to conduct a Florida corporate name search early in your plans.  Clickandinc.com can help you perform a Florida corporate name search.

A Florida corporation's name cannot be too similar to the name of any existing active entity, whether a corporation or LLC, in the state of Florida.  For example, if you’d like to name your company Smith & Jones, Inc. but there is already an existing Smith & Jones, LLC, you won't be allowed to use that name.  Also, your company’s name cannot give the impression that it performs a business other than the business purpose stated in your official articles of incorporation.  Both corporations and LLCs must abide by these regulations in the state of Florida.

Every corporation in Florida must also use one of the approved corporate endings.  Corporations can choose from the following endings: Corporation, Incorporated, Company or Limited.  They may also use abbreviations: Corp., Inc., Co., and Ltd.

There are a number of other rules concerning your Florida corporate name.  Simplify the process by having Clickandinc.com perform a Florida corporate name search.

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