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Florida Incorporation Fee

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Filing Fees Required to Incorporate in Florida


The Florida incorporation fee is set by the Florida Department of State and overseen by the Division of Corporations.  Fees must be paid when you file your Florida Articles of Incorporation.  A delay in processing and possible denial of your request will result if you fail to pay the fees when filing. Your forms and fees should be remitted to the Florida Division of Corporations.  ClickandInc.com can file your Florida articles of incorporation and all fees.

The fees to form a Florida corporation are just $35.00.  This is much more affordable than some other states.  It will also cost $35.00 to designate your Florida Registered Agent, which is a requirement.  If you’d like to receive a certified copy of your executed articles of incorporation, you can add $8.75 to the cost. The total filing fee for forming a Florida corporation, then, is $78.75; this includes the filing fee, registered agent designation, and optional certified copy.

Florida corporations are required to file an annual report.  Reports filed on or before the yearly deadline carry a $150.00 filing fee. Annual reports filed after the due date have a filing fee of $550.00. If you need to change your Registered Agent at any point, the fee is $35.00. Amendments to your articles of incorporation carry a filing fee of $35.00. Corrections to your articles of incorporation are also $35.00.

A full list of the fees associated with filing your Florida articles of incorporation can be found on the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporation website.  ClickandInc.com can also take this task off your hands and make filing simple for you. Let us file your Florida articles of incorporation for you.