Start a Virginia LLC

A Virginia LLC is formed by filing formation documents with the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia Pursuant to Chapter 12 of Title 13.1 of the Code of Virginia. Once filed, the formation documents become public record and the LLC becomes a legal, taxable entity in Virginia, capable of taking out loans and entering contracts.

File Virginia Articles of Organization

In order to register your Virginia LLC, you must file Articles of Organization. These Virginia Articles of Organization should include, at minimum:

  • Name: Your name must include an appropriate designator or abbreviation, such as “LLC or “Limited Liability Company,” and it must be available for use in the state of Virginia. You may choose to first do a business name search.
  • Registered Agent: Provide the name and physical address of the person or entity that can be contacted about your business. If you have no such entity, Click and Inc can obtain a Registered Agent for you.
  • Principal Office: Provide the principal office address, including number and street.
  • Execution: The person who drafted the Articles should sign as Organizer. There can be more than one Organizer.

If any of the above information changes and you find that your Articles of Organization are no longer current, you will need to submit an Article Amendment so that the state has current information on your company at all times.

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