Filing a Virginia DBA

A Virginia DBA, or Doing Business As, is known as an Assumed or Fictitious Name, and it is filed at the county level. Regardless of whether you’re filing your Virginia Fictitious Name for an individual, a partnership, or an incorporated entity, Certificates of Assumed or Fictitious Name are filed at the county level with the County Clerk’s office.

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How to Complete Your Virginia DBA

Most counties use the same form, Form CC-1050, but some counties have forms specific to their county that you are required to use. It’s best to check with your county.

All types of owning entities, both incorporated and unincorporated, will fill out the section of Form CC-1050 that corresponds to their entity type.

All Certificates of Assumed or Fictitious Names will include, at minimum, the following information:

  • Assumed or Fictitious Name of Business—this is the name under which you (or your incorporated entity) will be doing business, not your legal name. (Click and Inc can perform a DBA name search for you so that you’ll know whether or not your name is available right away.)
  • Legal Name of Owner of Business—either the individual, all partners, or the corporation or LLC.
  • Residence/Office Address and Mailing Address of the owning entity
  • Signature—of the individual(s), the president of the corporation, or a member/manager of the LLC.

If you’d like, Click and Inc can take care of filing your Assumed or Fictitious Name in Virginia. All you have to do is sign!

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