Virginia Foreign Corporation Formation

If you’re a registered corporation in another state, but you wish to expand into Virginia, you’ll likely find that you’re first required to file as a Virginia Foreign Corporation. In order to do so, you’ll need to submit a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business as a Virginia Foreign Corporation, as well as the required documentation and filing fee. Click and Inc makes it simple.

Steps to Form a Virginia Foreign Corporation

First, you’ll need to draft your Certificate of Authority to Transact Business. This will include the following:

  • Name: Provide the legal name of your corporation in its domestic state, as well as any alternate name, if required. If you’re unsure, Click and Inc can perform a preliminary business name search to determine availability.
  • Jurisdiction: Provide the name of the state in which you originally incorporated, as well as filing information.
  • Address: Provide your business’s principal office address.
  • Registered Agent: You must list a person or an already existing company with a physical address in Virginia. If you don’t have one, Click and Inc can obtain a registered agent in Virginia for you.
  • Officers and Directors: Provide the names, titles, and business addresses for all Officers and Directors of your Virginia Foreign Corporation.
  • Stock: The number of shares, as well as the class and series, of stock authorized to be issued will be listed here.
  • Signature: Someone with a corporate title must sign and date the Application.

In addition to your Certificate of Authority, you’re required to provide a certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation, as well as any amendments, from your original state of domestication.

Additional Requirements for a Virginia Foreign Corporation

Each year, Virginia Foreign Corporation—any entity registered in Virginia, in fact—must file an annual registration fee that is based on the amount of shares of stock authorized.

If any of the above information changes, it’s important that you file an Amendment to your Certificate of Authority so that the state has up-to-date information on your business at all times. If the state is ever unable to get ahold of you, you may miss out on important reminders or notifications and, therefore, you may not be meeting all of the requirements.

How Click and Inc Can Help

ClickAndInc can file your Virginia Foreign Corporation for you—the fee to obtain the certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation is included in our Foreign Corporation package!

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