Michigan Foreign Corporation Formation

If you’ve already incorporated in another state, but you wish to expand into or begin transacting business in Michigan, you’ll likely find that you need to register as a Foreign Corporation.

Steps to Form a Michigan Foreign Corporation

To register your Michigan Foreign Corporation, you must complete an Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Michigan, which will be filed with the Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth of the Secretary of State. Your Application for Registration must contain the following information:

  • Name: Your name must include the required corporate designator, and it must be available for use at the state level. To reduce your changes of a rejection because of name availability issues, you may decide to have Click and Inc perform a business name search for you.
  • Jurisdiction: List the state in which you were originally incorporated, as well as the filing information in that state.
  • Corporate address
  • Registered agent: This must be a person (or already existing corporation) residing in Michigan with a physical address. If you do not have a Registered Agent in Michigan, Click and Inc can appoint one to you.
  • Specific purpose for the business you wish to transact in Michigan
  • Shares: Provide the total amount of authorized shares.

Additional Requirements for a Michigan Foreign Corporation

To register as a foreign corporation in Michigan, you must obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from your initial state of incorporation.

Click and Inc can prepare and file your Michigan Foreign Corporation for you quickly, accurately, and affordably—The required Certificate of Good Standing is included in your foreign corporation order.

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