Forming a Arizona 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation

In many states, to for a 501c3 nonprofit, you first file general nonprofit articles of incorporation. In Arizona, there are separate forms for tax-exempt (501c3) or non-tax-exempt nonprofit corporations; if you do intend to apply for 501c3 status (which would enable you to accept tax-deductable donations and take advantage of various benefits afforded to 501c3s), be sure you fill out the correct version’s nonprofit articles of incorporation.

Forming a Arizona Nonprofit Corporation

Structured much like the for-profit Arizona articles of incorporation, the articles for those nonprofit corporation that wish to apply for 501c3 status will contain the following information:

  • Corporate name
  • Purpose for which the corporation is organized
  • Certain IRS-required language regarding the types of activities a 501c3 corporation cannot carry out
  • IRS-required language about dissolutions and disposal of assets under Section 501c3
  • “The power of indemnification under the Arizona Revised Statutes shall not be denied or limited by the bylaws.”
  • Known place of business
  • Statutory agent—or registered agent—name and physical address
  • Incorporator name and address
  • Check box: “The Corporation will not practice or permit discrimination on the basis of sex, race, national origin, religion, physical handicap or disability.
  • The corporation will / will not have members

Your Articles of Incorporation must be signed by the incorporator and the registered agent.

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Obtaining 501c3 Status for Your Nonprofit Corporation

Eligible Arizona nonprofit corporations can apply for 501c3 status from the IRS, which will give them certain tax advantages.

The information you will need to provide to the IRS includes:

  • Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation and specific 501c3 language attachment
  • Description of your business purpose and activities
  • Conflict of Interest form
  • IRS Form 1023
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Donation estimates for the first three years of business
  • Information on fundraising organizations you are associated with
  • List of corporate officers and their respective contracts

You may be required to provide more information that that listed above, depending on your business activities and the IRS’s requirements.

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