Arizona Foreign Corporation Formation

If your corporation was formed in another state, but you wish to expand your business into Arizona, pursuant to A.R.S. §10-403 and §10-3403, you’re required to register your corporation as an Arizona Foreign Corporation.

Steps to Form a Arizona Foreign Corporation

In order to file your Foreign Corporation, you’ll need to complete and submit your Application for Authority to Transact Business in Arizona. The registration is good for one year. This Application should contain:

  • Name of your Foreign Corporation
  • If your legal name isn’t available for use in Arizona, the alternate name by which your corporation will be known in the state
  • Your domestic state
  • The incorporation date in your domestic state
  • The principal office address in your domestic state
  • Your registered agent’s address in Arizona
  • Your business purpose in Arizona
  • The names and addresses of your current Directors and Officers
  • The amount of shares your foreign corporation is authorized to issue
  • The amount of shares your foreign corporation has issued
  • Acceptance of the Registered Agent

You must submit a Certificate of Disclosure, signed by an authorized office within 60 days of submission, along with your Application.

You must also include a certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation from your domestic state, dated within 60 days.

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