Forming a Arizona LLC

A Arizona LLC will be formed pursuant to Title 29, Chapter 4 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. Forming an LLC in Arizona creates a new legal “person,” capable of entering into contracts and bringing legal action against another person.

Articles of Organization for a Arizona LLC

Your Arizona Articles of Organization (the LLC version of Articles of Incorporation) should address the following:

  • Name: The name of your LLC must be available for use and must include the appropriate ending for your entity type, pursuant to A.R.S. §29-602(A).
  • Known Place of Business: The street address, which may or may not match the Registered Agent’s address, for your LLC.
  • Registered Agent: Called a Statutory Agent in Arizona, this person (or company) is the contact person for your LLC and must have a physical address in Arizona.
  • Life Period: If your LLC has a dissolution date, it should be provided here; otherwise, the LLC is assumed to exist perpetually.
  • Management Structure: You’ll need to provide information about your LLC’s ownership structure: manager-managed or member managed.
  • Organizer: The organizer, who may or may not be otherwise associated with or involved in the LLC, must sign his or her name.

The Articles of Organization must be submitted with a cover sheet to the Business Division of the Secretary of State.

Future Responsibilities of a Arizona LLC

An LLC in Arizona is required to file an Annual Report each year; it is the LLC’s responsibility to keep track of the due date.

You must amend your Articles if any information changes; it’s important that the state has current and accurate information about your company at all times so that

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