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Nevada Articles of Incorporation

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Filling out the Nevada Articles of Incorporation

In Nevada, the Secretary of State has jurisdiction over corporation formation and as such, can provide you with the Nevada Articles of Incorporation forms; or we can provide them for you.  Nevada has no state tax and no franchise tax, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to incorporate.  Nevada’s Articles of Incorporation are officially overseen by the Secretary of State and overseen by Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 78 which defines the requirements necessary to be a for profit corporation in the state of Nevada.

Article 1: Name The first section of the Nevada Articles of Incorporation will ask you to commit to the name of your pending corporation. Keep the Nevada Corporate Naming Rules in mind as you fill out this section, as an inappropriate choice of name will result in the delay or rejection of your request to form a corporation.  Every corporation formed in Nevada must use one of the following three corporate endings or their approved abbreviations: Corporation, Incorporation or Company. The accepted abbreviations are Corp., Inc., and Co.

Article 2: Registered Agent and Registered Office This section calls for you to fill in the person or entity that will act as your corporation’s official Registered Agent.  The Registered Agent must be a resident of Nevada. Our page on Registered Agent in Nevada has more information on the requirements and responsibilities of a Nevada Registered Agent.

Article 3: Authorized Shares The Nevada Articles of Incorporation require that you state the number of shares your corporation is authorized to issue.  The number of shares of each class or series must also be states, if applicable.  

Article 4: Directors/Officers Nevada is unique in that it allows for one person corporations. This section should contain he names and addresses of any/all Directors and Officers of your corporation.

Article 5: Purpose In this section you will state the intended purpose and nature of your company.  Your purpose should accurately reflect the nature of your business and must be legal according to all applicable Nevada laws.

Article 6: Incorporator The person or agency who fills out your Nevada Articles of Incorporation is the Incorporator. This person must sign their name to the forms where indicated.

Article 7: Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of Registered Agent In this section your Registered Agent or an authorized representative of your Registered Agent must sign to signify his/her acceptance of the duties of a Nevada Registered Agent.

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