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Nevada Corporate and LLC Naming Rules

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Companies who choose to incorporate or become an LLC in the state of Nevada are subject to Nevada statutes regarding corporate (or LLC) names. What you name your company is important and it can be a very frustrating thing to discover that you name is already taken or is not allowed for some other reason. It is an excellent idea to conduct a Nevada corporate or Nevada LLC name search before filing your articles of incorporation or articles of organization. can help you by performing a Nevada corporate name search to determine if your proposed business’s name is available in Nevada.

In Nevada, no corporation or LLC’s name can bear remarkable similarity to any existing corporation in the state. It is common sense, of course you don’t want two companies named exactly the same thing. You can vary your business’s name by one or two words to get around this rule. For example, if you intend to incorporate under the name Red Barn, Inc and there is already a Red Barn Inc in Nevada, you are out of luck. However, if you name your company Red Barn Media Partners, you are in the clear as far as the Nevada Secretary of State is concerned.  The same principle applies to all LLCs in Nevada.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies formed in Nevada must use one of the state’s approved corporate endings or their approved abbreviation.  If you are incorporating, you can choose from corporation, incorporated, company, or limited; or the abbreviations corp., inc., co., and ltd. Nevada LLCs can choose from the endings limited liability company or limited company or the abbreviations LLC, LC, L.L.C. and L.C.

Nevada has a list of restricted words that cannot be used in naming your corporation or LLC without prior approval. These mostly pertain to financial institutions and post secondary schools, but you should check with the Nevada Secretary of State to make sure you’re in the clear. can undertake a Nevada corporate name search on your behalf to find out if your proposed name is available and adheres to all Nevada corporate naming protocols.

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