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How to Fill Out the California Articles of Organization

In California, in order to become a legally recognized Limited Liability Company, you need to fill out and file Form LLC-1, the California Articles of Organization. The California Secretary of State governs all business filings in the state of California. You can obtain California Form LLC-1 from the Secretary of State’s office, or you can have provide you with the California Articles of Organization.

There are seven items contained in the California Articles of Organization. Fill them out completely and accurately as failure to do so could result in a delay of processing or an outright denial of your request to form a California LLC.

Item 1: Entity Name – The first item of the California Articles of Organization asks you to fill in the name you have chosen for your Limited Liability Company.  Remember that in California, you can have a name that is similar to, but not the same as any other existing business entity.  Take the guesswork out of things by conducting a California corporate name search.

Item 2: Purpose – In this item a statement of purpose is provided by the state and is not to be altered in any way. The statement is: “The purpose of the limited liability company is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a limited liability company may be organized under the Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act.”

Item 3 & 4: Initial Agent for Service of Process – This is the item in which you will fill in the name and address of your California Registered Agent. If your Registered Agent is a company, you will fill in Item 3. Make sure your Agent has the proper certificate on file with the California Secretary of State pursuant to Corporations Code section 1505. If you are using an Agent, leave Item 4 blank.

If your Registered Agent is an individual, they must be a resident of the State of California. Fill in Item 4. This person must have a physical address in the state of California; PO Boxes are not accepted.

Item 5: Management – In this item you will indicate whether your Limited Liability Company will be managed by one manager, more than one manager, or all limited liability company member(s). Check only one of the three boxes.

Item 6: Additional Information – If you require space for additional information to support your application to become a California LLC, attach the pages to form LLC-1. This item states that any and all attached pages are considered a valid part of the application to become a California LLC.

Item 7: Execution – Whomever fills out and files Form LLC-1 should sign in this space. The organizer does not have to be a member of the LLC.

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