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California Corporate and LLC Naming Rules

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California Corporate and LLC Name Search from

California corporate naming rules apply to all companies who endeavor to become a corporation or limited liability company in the state of California. It is wise to be aware of California’s corporate naming rules prior to filing your California Articles of Incorporation or California Articles of Organization. Failure to adhere to the statutes and regulations can result in a delay or denial of your request with the Secretary of State. Remove the guesswork and conduct a corporate name search before filing your documents. can facilitate this process by performing a name search to find out if your company’s name is available in California.

California Corporations Code states that no corporation or LLC in the state of California can be so close to another company’s name that it is likely to deceive the public. In California, the comapy name is considered a deception if the only difference between the two corporations' (or LLCs') names is the corporate ending. For example, if your company name is XYZ Plumbing Supply Company and there is already an existing XYZ Plumbing Supply Incorporated, you will not be allowed to use that name under California statutes.

In most cases, California corporations are not absolutely required to make use of a corporate ending. Should you choose to, however, the approved endings are Corporation, Incorporated, Company, or Limited. The abbreviations Corp., Inc., Co., and Ltd. are also permitted. For those seeking to become an LLC, the approved endings are Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, and the following abbreviations: LLC, LC, L.L.C., or L.C.

California has a list of certain words and professional designations which are restricted for use by approval only. For instance, your XYZ Plumbing Supply Company cannot claim to be a credit union, an insurer, or a cooperative, to name a few, without approval from the state of California.’s California corporate name search can help you determine if your proposed business name is within the guidelines set forth by the California Corporations Code naming protocols.

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