Your Nevada Fictitious Name

Regardless of the type of ownership structure, any Nevada fictitious name will be filed with the County Clerk’s office of the county in which the fictitious name is being operated. A fictitious name does not need to be registered with the Secretary of State’s office.

Take a look below at the three types of Fictitious Names in Nevada:

  • Sole Proprietorship A sole proprietorship is a fictitious name under which one individual is operating their business; when that individual files as a sole proprietorship, the business and the individual become legally one and the same, and the individual is liable for any debts of the business.
  • General Partnership A general partnership is just like a sole proprietorship, only with two or more individuals acting as the owner. The general partners are liable for the business.
  • Fictitious Name for Incorporated Entity A corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership can open a Nevada Fictitious Name if they wish to conduct business under a new name while still keeping the original company intact.

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