Nevada Foreign Corporation Formation

Nevada accepts foreign corporations (both for profit and not-for-profit), foreign LLCs, and foreign partnerships. Foreign entities are filed pursuant to the Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 80.

Steps to Form a Nevada Foreign Corporation

To register your Foreign Corporation in Nevada, you should file the Qualification to do Business in Nevada form with the Division of Corporations of the Secretary of State. Your Application of Authority must contain the following:

  • Name: You must use the exact name of your original corporation in your original state, if it is available. If it is not (and only if it is not), you will choose a different name for use in the state. If you’d like, can perform a business name search to help you determine if you’ll need to file the paperwork necessary to file alternate name for use in Nevada.
  • Jurisdiction: This is the state in which you were originally incorporated.
  • Registered Agent: You will indicate whether you are using a commercial or a noncommercial registered agent, and you will provide the name and address of that registered agent. If you do not have a Nevada Registered Agent, can obtain a registered agent for you.
  • Authorized Stock: Nevada requires that you set forth the total amount of stock your company is authorized to distribute. (If it is a non-profit corporation, you may or may not have authorized stock.) The number of shares with par value, par value per share, and number of shares with no par value should be provided.
  • Purpose: The purpose for the business will be set forth here. If it is determined by this purpose that additional regulation is required (for instance, because the corporation deals with banks, engineering, or real estate, among others), that approval must be obtained and filed with the Secretary of State before the Qualification to do Business in Nevada can be filed.
  • Officer Making Statement: An officer who is authorized to execute corporate documents should provide his or her name, title, and signature.
  • Registered Agent’s Signature: The person listed in Article 3 should sign and date the Qualification to do Business in Nevada.

Additional Requirements for a Nevada Foreign Corporation

Certain other documents must be submitted along with the Qualification to do Business in Nevada form, such as a Certificate of Existence and proof of the amount of authorized shares.

The Secretary of State must be alerted if any of the above information changes after you have registered your Foreign Corporation in Nevada.

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