Choosing the right type of business for your Nevada startup

There are so many types of businesses you can choose from that beginning the process can be overwhelming. How do you know what business type is right for your Nevada startup? To assist, we’ve collected information on several different entity types so that you can make an informed decision. Read on to learn about the various entity types offers.

C Corporation in Nevada

A C Corporation is the default tax classification and is subject to corporate income tax. C Corporations can issue different classes of shares to an unlimited amount of shareholders. The C Corporation can be owned by US citizens, non-citizens, or other business entities, providing greater flexibility in these areas than an S Corporation.

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S Corporation in Nevada

If you wish to form an S Corporation, you would incorporate just as you would with a C Corporation. Then, you’d submit an additional form to the IRS, indicating that you are adopting the S Corporation tax classification.

The shareholders of an S Corporation should be US citizens (no non-US citizens, non-resident aliens, or outside business entities), and the corporation can issue no more than 100 shares. S corporations are considered pass-through entities, avoiding the double-taxation of a C Corporation by allowing gains and losses to be reported on the owners’ individual tax returns. has more information on forming a Nevada S Corporation.

LLC in Nevada

A Limited Liability Company is similar to a limited partnership with no general partner. For tax purposes, the entity is treated like a partnership. But, it also offers the liability protection found with corporations.

For more information, take a look at our information about forming a Nevada LLC.

Foreign Corporation in Nevada

Corporations wishing to expand their existing business into Nevada will likely find that they must first register as a Foreign Corporation. In order to register as a Foreign Corporation in Nevada, they would submit an application. Specific information about the domestic business, as well as information the business’s Nevada presence, should be included on this application.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need to file a Foreign Corporation is right for you, review further information about a Nevada Foreign Corporation.

Nonprofit Corporation in Nevada

Most nonprofit corporations obtain 501c3 status from the IRS. To become a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, you’ll first register as a basic nonprofit corporation at the state level by submitting Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation. Then, you’ll apply for the 501c3 status at the federal level. can register your nonprofit corporation—we can even assist you with your 501c3 application! Take a look at more information on 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.

Fictitious Names in Nevada

A DBA—called a Fictitious Firm Name in Nevada—is filed at the county level in the county in which the fictitious name is to be used. These FFNs can be formed by any entity type, incorporated or not, that wishes to do business under a name other than its legal name

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