Free Sample Minnesota Articles of Incorporation

If you’d like to form a Minnesota corporation, you must file Articles of Incorporation. Take a look at our free sample Articles, and use them as a template when drafting your own!

Minnesota Articles of Incorporation (For Profit) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF (EXACT NAME OF CORPORATION)

The undersigned incorporator is an individual 18 years of age or older and adopts the following articles of incorporation:

Article 1: Business Name

Name of corporation (Required): _____________________ (Must include a corporate or professional designation in their name.)

Article 2: Registered Office

The Registered Office Address of the Corporation is: _____________________ (A PO Box by itself is not acceptable.)

Article 3: Shares

The corporation is authorized to issue a total of ___________________ shares. (Must authorize at least one share.)

Article 4: Incorporators

I (We), the undersigned incorporator(s) certify that I am (we are) authorized to sign these articles and that the information in these articles is true and correct. I (We) also understand that if any of this information is intentionally or knowingly misstated that criminal penalties will apply as if I (we) had signed these articles under oath. (Provide the name and address of each incorporator. Each incorporator must sign below. List the incorporators on an additional sheet if you have more than two incorporators.) __________________________________

List a name, daytime phone number, and e-mail address of a person who can be contacted about this form: ____________________

It is our hope that you found the above sample Minnesota Articles of Incorporation useful. If you wish, Click and Inc can take care of the entire filing process for you, both drafting your customized Articles and filing them with the Secretary of State on your behalf.

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