Forming a 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation in Minnesota

In order to register a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, one must first file Minnesota Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation. This filing creates a legal entity. Once formed, you may apply for 501c3 nonprofit status with the IRS. Only after this second application is accepted can you operate as a 501c3, taking advantage of certain tax benefits afforded to this entity type. *Only got this far.

Register your Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation

The formation document you need to file in order to become a nonprofit corporation is called your Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation. These Nonprofit Articles provide the state with information about your business and its purpose. Certain clauses are required by the state to be included in your nonprofit articles; certain other clauses, though not required by the state, will be necessary if you intend to register as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

The state requires that a certain amount of information is included in your Minnesota Nonprofit Articles:

  • Business name—the name of your nonprofit corporation must be available for use in the state.
  • Registered Office—provide the name and registered address of the corporation. If you wish, you may also include the name of the agent at that address.
  • Incorporator—the name, address, and signature of the Incorporator should be included.
  • Contact information—the name and phone number of a person who can be contacted about the filing must be included.

It’s important that you’re aware of the requirements of the IRS if you intend to go on to apply for 501c3 nonprofit status. Certain information, while not required by the state in order to create a Minnesota nonprofit, will be required by the IRS in order to operate as a 501c3 nonprofit.

After you've filed your Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation and the state has placed you in their records as a Minnesota nonprofit corporation, you can begin the 501c3 nonprofit application process with the IRS.

Applying for 501c3 Tax-Exempt Status from the IRS

In addition to your state filing information, the IRS will require a great deal of information from you, including but not limited to the following:

  • Form 1023
  • Articles of Incorporation, including specific 501c3 language
  • Three years of donation estimates
  • Detailed description of your business activities
  • Three years of expense estimates
  • Bylaws
  • Conflict of Interest form
  • Information about any organization from which you are involved in fundraising or donations
  • Depending on the amount of compensation they are to receive, a list of any independent contractors or officers
  • Copies of any leases or contracts with any of the above persons

This is just a sample of the information the IRS will require. Additional information may be required depending on your jurisdiction and business purpose.

Further Responsibilities of a Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation

If your information changes, you must file an Article Amendment so the state has current information for you at all times.

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