Minnesota Foreign Corporation Formation

A Minnesota Foreign Corporation is typically required of any corporation that has filed in a different state and wishes to expand into Minnesota. This Foreign Corporation will be filed pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 303.

Steps to Form a Minnesota Foreign Corporation

The formation document of a Minnesota Foreign Corporation is called the Certificate of Authority to Transact Business. By filing this form, your corporation certifies that it has complied with the laws of its original state.

Certain information must be included in your Certificate of Authority:

  • The legal company name in the original state
  • If the legal name is unavailable, an alternate name for use in Minnesota
  • The original state
  • The registered agent in the original state
  • A statement that the corporation is either nonprofit or for-profit
  • If applicable, that the company is a cooperative
  • The signature of an authorized person
  • The contact information of the filer

You must amend your articles if any of the included information changes.

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