Connecticut LLC

Register your LLC in Connecticut the right way!

If you're registering an LLC in Connecticut, you'll need to submit Articles of Organization to CONCORD, the Commercial Recording Division of the Secretary of State's office in Hartford.

Articles of Organization—Your LLC Formation Document

Your Connecticut LLC must fill out Articles of Organization, the LLC version of Articles of Incorporation. These Articles of Organization must contain the following, at minimum:

  • LLC Name: must be available in the state and must include "Limited Liability Company" or an abbreviation thereof
  • Type of Business: Connecticut requires that you describe the business to be transacted; however, it is acceptable to limit your business activity to "any lawful business activity"
  • Principal Office Address: cannot be a PO box
  • Mailing Address (optional)
  • Statutory or Registered Agent in Connecticut: a person or business must act as registered agent by officially accepting the role in writing; this will be the public contact person on behalf of the LLC
  • Manager/Member Information: Connecticut LLCs are required to list at least one person as manager or member; more can be added if necessary
  • Management: the Articles of Organization must indicate if the LLC will be managed by managers or managers, an important distinction

Other Important Information for LLCs in Connecticut

Just filing your Articles of Organization isn't enough. There are other important requirements that you'll need to be aware of to stay in compliance and avoid unnecessary fees.

Annual Report

In Connecticut, annual reports are due each year during the anniversary month of the registration of the LLC. In other words, if you started an LLC in October, and your filing date reflects this, you'll need to file your annual report each year sometime during the month of October.

Annual reports can be filed online with CONCORD, the Connecticut Corporations Division.

Articles of Amendment

Should any information change about your LLC after your Articles of Organization have been filed (the name of the LLC, the location, or similar), you'll need to file Articles of Amendment with the State's office in Hartford to keep them advised of your current status. It is your responsibility to make certain that the state has current information about your LLC at all times.

Registration with the Department of Revenue Services

All Connecticut LLCs (other than single-entity LLCs that elect to be treated for tax purposes as a corporation) must register with the Department of Revenue Services, also in Hartford, upon which they will receive a unique state tax identification number. This number will be used when paying the required BET, or Business Entity Tax, with the DRS office.

EIN: Employer Identification Number

Your LLC, in addition to registering with the DRS, must obtain an Employer Identification Number from the IRS for federal tax purposes. While your exact tax requirements will depend on how you elect to be taxed (an LLC has a few options, depending on how many members it has), regardless, you will need an EIN. Can Help!

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