Connecticut Foreign Corporation

Connecticut foreign corporation registration is required for any entity organized outside the state in order to do business in the state. Registration is slightly different than forming a domestic corporation, but never fear— is here to help you sort out the requirements.

Registering Your Foreign Corporation in Connecticut

The first document you'll need in order to register your foreign corporation in Connecticut is the Application for Certificate of Authority form. This form contains much the same information as Articles/Certificate of Incorporation:

  • Corporate name as registered in its domestic state
  • New name for the Connecticut foreign corporation, if the original name is already in use in CT
  • One of these statements: "The corporation is organized for profit" or "The corporation is nonprofit"
  • The state of domestic incorporation
  • Date of domestic incorporation
  • Duration of the corporation: Perpetual/Other (specify term)
  • Date the entity began operating as a foreign corporation in Connecticut
  • Principal office address
  • Mailing address
  • Officers: name, title, residence address, business address
  • Directors: name, residence address, business address
  • Appointment of Registered Agent for service of process (you may either provide a registered agent, or the Secretary of State can act as your registered agent)
  • Execution: name, title, and signature of incorporator

Once completed, your Connecticut Foreign Corporation application can be submitted to CONCORD, the Commercial Recording Division of the Secretary of State's Hartford office.

We can help! Just give us information about your existing business, as well as about your foreign corporation in Connecticut, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Other types of businesses in Connecticut

Remember: Connecticut foreign corporation registrations apply to corporations that have already registered in a different state and wish to do business in Connecticut as well.

If you haven't registered your business elsewhere and would like to register as a domestic business in Connecticut, please check out the following available entity types:

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