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New York Corporation Formation

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Steps To Take To Form a Corporation in New York

New York Corporation Formation is handled by the New York State Secretary of State. All businesses who wish to incorporate in New York State can submit their forms and fees to the Secretary of State or can file your New York Articles of Incorporation for you.

The basic steps for forming a corporation in New York are:

1. The first step in forming a New York Corporation is to choose a name for your company. In New York State, Business Corporation Law First, Section 301(a)(1) states that all corporations in the state of New York must have one of the following corporate endings: Corporation, Incorporated or Limited. You may also use the abbreviations Corp., Inc, and Ltd.  Also, the name of your corporation must be different than any other corporation, LLC, and limited partnerships already active and approved by the State of New York. can perform a New York name search for you so you know whether your intended company name is available.

2.New York State’s Articles of Incorporation include a statement of purpose which must be worded exactly as required.  Certain business such as hospitals and substance abuse centers require prior approval to receive their statement of purpose from the Secretary of State’s office.

3. New York State requires corporations to state the county in which their corporation will operate.

4New York  corporations are required to have a registered agent who is able to accept legal process on behalf of the corporation.  Check out’s New York Registered Agent page for more information.

5.New York corporation formation requires the filing of New York Articles of Incorporation.  When the New York Secretary of State receives all forms and fees associated with corporation formation in New York, your corporation is considered active and existing.’s New York Articles of Incorporation page has more information and walks you through each section of the New York Articles of Incorporation.

For more information on New York Corporation formation, visit New York’s Secretary of State’s website. Or, learn how can file New York articles of incorporation for you

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