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New York Corporate and LLC Naming Rules

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New York Corporate and LLC Name Search from

New York corporate naming rules must be followed by all business entities seeking to incorporate or become a Limited Liability Corporation in New York State.  Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations surrounding New York’s naming rules before filing your New York Certificate of Incorporation or New York Articles of Organization. If the name you’ve already chosen is not available, a delay in processing can result. can help you fill in the blanks before you file your business forms by performing a New York Corporate Name Search.  With our help, you’ll know ahead of time if your chosen business name is available for use in New York or not.

Section 301(a) of New York Business Corporation law states that all corporations in New York must use one of the following corporate endings: Corporation, Incorporated or Limited. The abbreviations corp., inc., and ltd. are also permissible. If you are forming an LLC, your company name must include the term Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations LLC or L.L.C.

The name of your corporation or LLC must also be different from any other business entity currently active in the state of New York.  New York Business Corporation Law also restricts the use of certain words and phrases including but not limited to words and phrases having to do with banking and the insurance industry. In order to use these restricted phrases, you will need prior approval from the Secretary of State’s office.’s New York corporate name search can help you determine if your proposed business name adheres to the regulations set forth by New York Business Corporation Law and enforced by the Secretary of State.

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