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New York Articles of Incorporation

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Filling out the New York Certificate of Incorporation

In New York, all business filings are overseen by the New York Secretary of State. It is from this office that you obtain New York Certificate of Incorporation. Or, if you’d like to speed up and simplify the process, can provide you with New York Certificate of Incorporation. Section 402 of New York State Business Corporation Law, all business wishing to incorporate in the state of New York must fill out and complete the Certificate of Incorporation in its entirety.

Article 1: Name -  In this first section of the New York Certificate of Incorporation, you will state the name your company will do business under. Remember, in New York, you must ensure that the name you choose is different from any other corporation, LLC or limited partnerships already active in the state of New York. You must also choose from one of three corporate endings or their abbreviations: corporation, incorporated or limited. can perform a New York name search for you so you know if your chosen name is available. For more information , check out our page on New York Corporate Naming Rules.

Article 2: Purpose – This section simply states that your corporation is being formed to engage in lawful activities that are sanctioned by New York Business Corporation Law. Do not alter the stated purpose in any way.

Article 3: County – In this section you will fill in the county within New York State in which your corporation will be located.

Article 4: Shares – In this section, you will state the total number of shares which your corporation will have the authority to issue and their stated value, or lack thereof.

Article 5: Registered Agent – In New York, the Secretary of State is the agent who receives legal processes served against your corporation.  In this section you provide the address to which the Secretary of State will mail any process received on behalf of your corporation.

Article 6: Incorporator – Whomever files your articles of incorporation (called a certificate of corporation in New York) for you must sign this section and provide their address.

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