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Nevada Corporation Formation

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Forming a Corporation in Nevada

Nevada Corporation Formation falls under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Secretary of State.  All required forms and fees associated with corporation formation in Nevada are to be filed with the office of the Secretary of State in the Nevada capital of Carson City.  Or you can simplify the process and have perform the Nevada corporation formation for you. We can fill out and file all forms and fees, saving you time and often expediting the process.

The basic steps for forming a corporation in Nevada are:

1.     The very first step in forming a corporation in Nevada is to choose the name your company will operate under.  Like many states, Nevada has specific rules regarding the name of your corporation.  Your corporation’s name must not bear remarkable similarity to any other corporation name in the state of Nevada.  Additionally, your corporation cannot be or appear to be the real and given name of any person without the addition of another word(s) that differentiate it from the name of a real person.  The office of the Secretary of State for Nevada can determine a name’s preliminary availability for you, or you can have perform a name search for you.


2.   1.  In Nevada, forming a corporation requires that you fill out and file Nevada Articles of Incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State. Chapter 78 of the Nevada Business Corporation Act’s Revised Statutes sets forth requirements for information that must be included in your Articles of Incorporation. This information must be truthfully stated and all forms filled out in their entirety in order to be considered a valid Nevada Corporation.

3.   2. Nevada State law requires that your corporation create and file bylaws with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.  Your company’s bylaws will lay out the operating manual for your company. They should also include the organizational structure of your company.

4.   3. All Nevada corporations must name a minimum of one director in order to be considered a valid Nevada corporation.   The full legal name of all directors as well as their addresses must be stated in your Nevada Articles of Incorporation.

5.    4. A Registered Agent must be named in order to form a corporation in Nevada. More info on the specific requirements of Nevada’s Registered Agent can be found here.

6.    5. Once you have filed the Nevada Articles of Incorporation and paid the filing fees, your company is officially considered a valid Nevada corporation.


To learn more about Nevada Corporation formation, visit the Nevada Secretary of State’s website.  Or, learn how can file Nevada articles of incorporation for you.  

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