Your Pennsylvania Trade Name

A Pennsylvania Trade Name is one of the simplest entity types to set up. You can set up a Trade Name for an individual (called a sole proprietorship) or for a partnership (a general partnership).

Pennsylvania Trade Name Application

To file a Trade Name, you will need to submit an application, along with the filing fee. You must provide minimal, but important, information about your business and yourself:

  • Trade Name—the name under which you intend to conduct business
  • Name of Owner—this will either be your own personal (legal) name, your name along with any partners you have in your Trade Name, or your corporation, if your corporation is the entity that is to do business by a different name
  • Owner’s Address—this is only required for sole proprietorships and general partnerships; incorporated entities may provide only their legal name, entity type, and domestic state
  • Business Purpose—this can be a brief statement explaining the type of activity you will be conducting under your Trade Name
  • A statement that you acknowledge you understand you do not have exclusive use of the Trade Name

Instead of spending all of your time on filing a Trade Name when you could be using it to strengthen your business, you might consider having Click and Inc register your Trade Name for you. It will save you time, and it will cost significantly less than a lawyer would charge you for the same filing.

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