Pennsylvania LLC Formation

An LLC is formed by filing Articles of Organization—the LLC’s formation documents—with the Corporations Bureau of the Secretary of State.

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Steps to forming a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company

The formation document of a Pennsylvania LLC is called the Articles of Organization. Specific information about your business is required.

At a minimum, the following sections must be included in your Articles of Organization for your Pennsylvania LLC:

  • Name: You’ll need to provide the name of your Pennsylvania LLC, along with “company,” “limited,” “limited liability company,” or an abbreviation of one of the above. This name must be distinguishable from any other corporate name on file. To avoid a potential rejection for this reason, can perform a business name search for you.
  • Registered Agent: Your registered agent will be either an individual living in Pennsylvania or a company with an office in Pennsylvania—a name and address of where the state can direct things like correspondence and service of process. You cannot provide a PO Box.
  • Organizer: The person who drafted the form should provide his or her name and address.
  • Additional Information: There are a few default articles included in the document that should be struck if inapplicable, such as “management of the company is vested in a manager or managers” (in which case, if your LLC is member-managed, you would strike this). If there are articles not included in the form that you wish to insert, you may add them on another piece of paper.
  • Execution: The person listed as Organizer should sign in this space. The organizer does not have to be a member of the LLC.

If you change addresses, registered agent, or anything else that was laid out in the Articles, you will need to submit an amendment to those Articles so that the state has current information on your company at all times.

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