You’ve decided to start a business in Ohio. Where do you start?

There are many different entity types, each with their own paperwork, structure, corporate formalities, and tax responsibility. If simply doing business as a name other than your own fits your requirements, you might with to form an Ohio DBA, or Fictitious Name; if you wish more protection from personal liability than a Fictitious Name, you may decide to incorporate in Ohio. Click and Inc brings together information about the various entity types Ohio has to offer so that you can make the best decision for your situation!

Ohio DBA

An Ohio DBA is called a Fictitious Name. Fictitious Names are filed with the County Clerk, not the Secretary of State, regardless of the ownership structure. Partners can also file an Ohio DBA.

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Ohio LLC

Limited Liability Companies afford greater liability to owners than simply doing business as a Fictitious Name; they are also a more complex structure and require corporate paperwork.

Learn more about starting an Ohio LLC.

Ohio C Corporation

When you incorporate in Ohio, you form a C by default; the flexible structure of a C Corporation is attractive (unlimited shareholders, for example), but owners experience a "double taxation" on their tax returns.

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Ohio S Corporation

An S Corporation is treated as a pass-through entity, meaning that gains and losses can be reported on owners' individual tax returns. The structure is more constrained than that of a C Corporation, as owners must be US citizens and cannot number more than 100.

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Ohio Foreign Corporation

When a corporation already registered in another state wishes to expand their business into Ohio, they are required to file as a Foreign Corporation with the Secretary of State.

Learn about the unique requirements of an Ohio Foreign Corporation.

Ohio Nonprofit Corporation

When you incorporate in Ohio, you can do so as either a for-profit corporation or a nonprofit corporation.

There are different types of nonprofit corporations, but one of the most common is the 501c3 Corporation. A 501c3 Corporation has specific tax benefits.

Learn more about forming an Ohio Nonprofit Corporation.