Ohio Foreign Corporation Registration

If you've incorporated in another state but you wish to register as an Ohio foreign corporation, we can help. We can take care of the filing for you—including the required Certificate of Good Standing from your original (domestic) state.

Steps to Form an Ohio Foreign Corporation

Ohio foreign corporation registration requires that you complete and submit an Application for Certificate of Authority for Foreign Corporation. Once filed, you will be allowed to transact business in the state of Ohio. If you begin to transact business in the state more than 30 days before officially registering your Ohio foreign corporation, you will be penalized.

The information provided in your foreign corporation registration document should be as follows:

  • Corporate Name: Also provide your Ohio name reservation number, if you have one.
  • Filing Information: Provide the state in which you are a domestic corporation, as well as the filing date of incorporation.
  • Principal Address: Provide your principal office address, which may not be a PO box.
  • Purpose: Provide your business purpose.
  • Statutory Agent: Provide the name, address, and county of your registered agent and registered office address, which may not be a PO box; this must be a physical location.
  • Permanent/Temporary: You must select one.
  • Transaction Date: Provide the date business has begun to be transacted in Ohio, or the proposed future date.
  • Location within Ohio

Along with your foreign corporation registration, you must submit a Certificate of Good Standing from your original state. A copy of your original Articles of Incorporation will not be acceptable as proof of your domestic registration.

How Click and Inc Can Help With Your Ohio Foreign Corporation Registration

ClickAndInc.com can prepare and file your Ohio foreign corporation for you quickly, accurately, and affordably. Or, if you simply need your Certificate of Good Standing, we can take care of that as well.

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