Selecting Your New York Business Name

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to starting a business—liability, tax structure, permit requirements, and so on—but one of the most practical things you will need to consider is where within the state you would like to be allowed to use your New York Business Name.

Business Name—Statewide

Some entity types allow you to use your New York business name statewide. When you register for any of the following business types, you will be allowed to conduct business under your assumed business name across the entire state:

Business Name—Countywide

Other entity types’ business names are only protected at the county level. The following types of DBAs are registered with the County Clerk’s office of the county in which they are located:

Keeping Your Business Name in Compliance

Of course, filing a legal entity is only the first step. You are still responsible for obtaining any required licenses or permits that may be necessary in your location and/or occupational field. Sign up for our Business License Service and let us take care of the reminders so that you always know you’re in compliance.

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