New Jersey LLC Formation

A New Jersey LLC, along with other business filings in the state, is registered with the Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue. The creation of an LLC is the creation of a legal person, able to enter into agreements and have loans and debts.

Steps to forming a New Jersey Limited Liability Company

A New Jersey LLC is formed by filing Articles of Organization; this places your business on file with the Secretary of State’s office as a domestic New Jersey Limited Liability Company. Information provided in your Articles of Organization becomes public record upon filing.

  • Name of your LLC (it’s a good idea to first perform a name search for availability to determine if your name is available)
  • Registered Agent (the contact person for your LLC)
  • Registered Office (this must be a physical address, not a PO box)
  • Business Purpose
  • Members/Managers (names and addresses)
  • Main Business address
  • Signatures (an authorized representative of the business must sign)

New Jersey LLCs are filed electronically; you will receive a Certificate of Formation, which has a verification code that can be typed into the Secretary of State’s website to check for authenticity.

Additional Requirements for Forming a New Jersey LLC

Depending on the type of business you’re conducting, you may be required to obtain a sales license or other types of permit/license. You may either contact your state, county, and city governments to determine the business license requirements of your location and type, or you may take advantage of our Business License ServiceBusiness License Service.

A New Jersey LLC is required to obtain a FEIN (federal employee identification number) from the IRS. Your FEIN should be included on all checks and other correspondence with the Secretary of State.

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