Forming a Colorado LLC

A Colorado LLC is formed pursuant to §7-80-203 and §7-80-204 of the C.R.S., or Colorado Revised Statutes. New business filings are overseen by the Business Division of the Secretary of State. In order to register an LLC, you must submit Articles of Organization to the Business Division electronically.

Articles of Organization for a Colorado LLC

The following information must be contained in your Colorado Articles of Organization:

  • LLC Name: The name of your LLC must be available for use in Colorado, and it must end in one of the following: “Limited Liability Company,” “Ltd. Liability Company,” “Limited Liability Co.,” “Ltd. Liability Co.,” “Limited,” “LLC,” or “Ltd.” Certain terms and phrases are restricted.
  • Principal Office: You will insert the main street address of your LLC, as well as your mailing address if different.
  • Registered Agent: The name and physical address, which must be in Colorado, of the contact person for the LLC should be provided here. This person may have a separate mailing address, which may be a PO box.
  • Organizer: The person forming the LLC, called the Organizer (compared to a corporation’s Incorporator), will provide his or her name and mailing address.
  • You should indicate whether your LLC is manager-managed, or member-managed. You should also indicate whether or not there is at least one member of the LLC.

If there is more information about your LLC that you’d like to include in your Articles of Organization, there is an option to add additional clauses.

Future Responsibilities of a Colorado LLC

Colorado LLCs—and any other reporting entity in the state—must file a Periodic Report with the Secretary of State’s office every year. This is due within the first three months after the anniversary of the filing date.

Your LLC will need both a state and Federal Tax ID Number. You can obtain your state ID number from the Colorado Department of Revenue and your Federal ID number (called an EIN or FEIN) from the IRS.

If any of the information contained in your Articles changes after filing (if your principal address changes, for example, or if you’re switching to a new registered agent), it’s important that you amend your Articles so the state has updated, current information for your company.

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