Colorado Foreign Corporation Formation

If you’ve incorporated outside of Colorado but you wish to expand into another state, you may register as a Colorado Foreign Corporation by filing a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority.

Steps to Form a Colorado Foreign Corporation

To register your Colorado Foreign Corporation, you must complete an Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Colorado, which will be filed with the Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth of the Secretary of State. Your Application for Registration must contain the following information:

  • Name: Your business name must be available for use in Colorado; if it is not, you’ll need to select a different name under which you will be doing business in the state or your application will be rejected. Click and Inc can do a preliminary business name search to help avoid this type of rejection.
  • Use of Restricted Word: There are a few words and terms, such as “bank” or “credit union,” that may require additional approval. If you are using any of them, you’ll need to indicate that here.
  • Principal Office Street Address / Mailing Address: The physical address of the business should be provided, along with the mailing address, if different.
  • Registered Agent: This person (or corporation) is the in-state contact for your business. He or she (or it) must have a physical address within Colorado. If you live in another state, you are disqualified from acting as your company’s Registered Agent in Colorado; Click and Inc can appoint one for you if you wish.
  • A statement to the effect that the registered agent has consented to his or her appointment.
  • Form of Entity: Here, you will note whether your original entity was a for-profit corporation, nonprofit corporation, LLC, limited partnership, and so on.

If your information contained in your Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Colorado ever changes, be sure to file an amendment to your Certificate of Authority.

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