Form Wyoming LLC - Limited Liability Company

Form Wyoming a LLC

Forming a state LLC is one of the best investments a business person can make. The state of Wyoming has a very business-friendly climate and the state boasts a high standard of living. As a result, they offer various incentives to entrepreneurs, complete with a reduction in procedures for forming a Wyoming LLC.

Form a Wyoming Limited Liability Company

Forming Wyoming Limited Liability Company involves two simple procedures that utilize a fully computerized system for the convenience of the applicant. The first step involves choosing a name for the LLC. This name must be unique and in no way depict another organization. This name is checked for availability against the database of registered names in the state's registry. Once cleared, it is registered and assigned a number for phase two of the application process that entails filing articles of organization with the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State.

Articles of Organization

This state-specific form must contain certain information such as the name and principal address of the LLC, state its purpose and type of business, management structure, name and address of each member and the name and street address of the initial registered agent. There are three ways of conducting the application procedure: