Wisconsin 501c3 Corporations: Tax Exempt Organizations Non Profit

Wisconsin Non Profit 501c3 Corporations

Wisconsin has installed various resources and services on the Secretary of State's website to make it easy for individuals to incorporate their 501c3 Corporations or non profit organization within the state. In addition, the state reiterates the importance of seeking legal assistance when preparing the state-specific application forms to safeguard your personal protection and tax obligations.

Form a Non Profit Organization in Wisconsin

Forming a non profit organization in Wisconsin will require a few simple procedures including:
Naming the Organization - The name you choose must be unique from any other registered Wisconsin business name or registered on file. The desired name must also end with the term “Corporation”, “Incorporation”, “Limited” or its abbreviation.
Filing Articles of Incorporation - This involves filing the state-specific forms and including certain information such as the approved name of the corporation, its purpose, name, address and verified signature of the incorporator(s), state if the corporation will have directors, name and street address of the registered agent and the mailing and/or principal address of the corporation.

Other formation procedures will include:

Benefits of the Tax Exempt Status

Nonprofits that qualify for tax-exempt status enjoy many benefits and privileges including limited liability protection for members, possible property tax exemption and eligibility to obtain grants from government agencies and private organizations.

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