Form Utah LLC- Limited Liability Company

Form Utah LLC

A state LLC is a legal ownership structure much like a corporation. By forming a Utah LLC you can get protection from business related debts. In addition, you will get the best features of corporations and partnerships. Setting up an LLC in Utah requires two short steps:

Your business name should be different from any other business. It is the responsibility of Division of Corporations & Commercial Code to make sure your business name is unique. The formation document in Utah is known as the Articles of Organization. You need to prepare and file the formation documents with the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code. The formation document should include your Limited Liability Company name, address, objective and the name of your registered agent.

Operating Your Utah Limited Liability Company

Creating a Utah LLC operating agreement is advisable even if it is not required legally as it will help you in business operation. You do not need to file the LLC operating agreement with Division of Corporations & Commercial Code. In order to retain your status of Limited Liability Company, you need to record minutes of important decisions and keep comprehensive financial records.