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Texas LLC Formation 

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How To Form an LLC in Texas 

Texas LLC formation is overseen by the Texas Secretary of State. An LLC is a good choice for you if you want the protection from business debts that corporations receive but do not want to manage the paperwork associated with maintaining a corporation. The steps for how to form an LLC in Texas are as follows:

1. The first step in Texas LLC formation is naming your company. Keep in mind that Texas has specific naming convention which must be adhered to.  Basically, the name of your LLC cannot be too similar to an already existing business’s name.  ClickandInc.com can perform a Texas LLC name search for you to determine a preliminary availability.  Your Texas LLC must also contain a state approved ending. The approved endings in Texas are: Limited Liability Company, Limited Company or their abbreviations LLC, LC or L.L.C. or L.C.

2. The second step in Texas LLC Formation is to file the articles of organization, Form 205, which is called the Certificate of Formation.  Texas requires this form to be filed with the Texas Secretary of State in order to legally recognize your company as an LLC.

That’s it! Texas LLC formation requires just two simple steps, making it attractive to companies that do not wish to deal with the paperwork and regulations associated with forming a corporation. If this is the right option for your business, you can contact the Texas Secretary of State for more information. For a quicker response, ClickandInc.com can file your Texas LLC Certificates of Formation for you.


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