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Texas Corporation Formation

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Steps to Form a Texas Corporation

Texas Corporation Formation is overseen by the Texas Secretary of State.  The basic steps to form a Texas Corporation are as follows: 

1. The first step in Texas corporation formation is choosing a name for your corporation. Texas law requires that any corporation formed in Texas must use the word company, corporation, incorporated or limited; or an abbreviation of one of those words in its name.  Also, the name you choose to form a Texas corporation should be distinctive and not too closely resemble any existing corporation’s name. A preliminary determination of a corporation name’s availability and suitability can be made by calling the Texas Secretary of State or by contacting us for more information on Texas Corporation names. 

2. To legally form a Texas corporation, the state requires at least one director to be named. Directors of a Texas corporation do not need to be legal residents of Texas, nor is there any minimum or maximum age requirement attached to the appointment of directors.  The bylaws of your Texas Corporation will set forth the specific requirements the company will have for directors as well as all names and addresses of directors and corporation officers. 

3. A Texas Corporation must file a certificate of formation with the Texas Secretary of State. These articles of incorporation are necessary in order to form a Texas Corporation. Texas law requires that certain forms be on file for all corporations formed in Texas. These forms and what they entail are covered under Texas Bus. Orgs. Code § 3.152 and Texas Bus. Orgs. Code § 21.173 

4. Your Texas Corporation is officially organized once the Secretary of State receives an official copy of your Certificate of Formation, your designation of at least one Director and the appropriate filing fees.  The filing fee for the Certificate of Formation is $300. 

To learn more about Texas Corporation formation, visit the Texas Secretary of State website.

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