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Texas Articles of Organization

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How To Fill Out the Texas LLC Articles of Organization

Texas Articles of Organization are the formal documents which a company must file in Texas to be recognized as a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. Texas Form 205 is available through the office of the Texas Secretary of State.  You can also obtain the LLC form from Clickandinc.com. 

Texas LLC owners are called members.  The term member for an LLC in Texas can refer to  individuals, partnerships, corporations, or any other legal entity.  Texas Form 205, the State articles of organization for an LLC, are governed by the Texas Business Organization Code (BOC) title 3, chapter 1, subchapter A.

There are four sections to the Texas articles of organization.

Article 1: Entity Name and Type - The first step in filling out the Texas Articles of Organizations is to provide the name of your LLC. Remember, your company’s name cannot be too similar to an already existing company’s name. Documents with too similar names will not be accepted by the Texas Secretary of State’s office as valid. In this section you will also indicate whether your company will be an Limited Liability Company,  Limited Company, or one of the approved abbreviations.

Article 2: Registered Agent and Registered Office – The registered agent for your LLC can be an individual resident of the state of Texas or an entity that is approved and licensed to do business in Texas. There are no requirements or restrictions on the age of the individual registered agent.  The Registered Office must be a physical street address where legal notices and process can be served. It is not permitted to use a post office box.

Article 3:  Governing Authority – In this section you will indicate whether your LLC will have managers or not.  If you do intend to designate managers, you will choose option A and fill out the name and address of all designated individuals as specified.

Article 4: Purpose -  In Texas, an LLC may be formed for any legal purpose. Specific exceptions are listed in chapter 2, title 1 or 3 of the Texas Business Organization Code.

An additional space within Form 205 allows for space to explain special provisions or elaborate on your purpose as may be required by the IRS for certain tax classifications.  A failure to fill out Form 205 completely or accurately will result in a delay in processing. Eliminate that possibility by having Clickandinc.com can file Texas Articles of organization for you. 

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